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Return to Golf conducts clinic sessions once a week, year-round (see Schedule).  Each session lasts for one hour and consists of a set number of participants (six to eight).  Participants are required to make an appointment for their weekly session.  New participants must register and receive physician approval before participating in weekly clinic sessions.

Each clinic session consists of both golf instruction and golf fitness.  Participants are required to participate in both aspects during their session.

Clinic Session Times (subject to change):

​Other programs are offered to the participants at the Wharton Golf Center. Throughout the week there are three different programs that take place on different days. These programs are Golf Socials, OptiShot Challenges, and OptiShot Open Play.

Golf Socials
The socials provide and opportunity to participate in a series of golf contests while socializing with other RTG participants. Sign-up is required prior to attending a golf social.

OptiShot Open Play
the open play sessions will allow participants to utilize the OptiShot simulator in a different fashion from the Challenges. The golfers will be able to play the different courses that are loaded up on the simulator allowing them to play a round of golf year around. Sign-up is required prior to attending a golf social.

To learn more about each program and how to sign-up please follow the link that has been provided. Weekly Programs
Instruction from PGA Golf Professional
A PGA Professional will work with you to improve your overall golf performance. There is personalized instruction in all areas of the game, helping each student gain a better understanding of golf’s fundamentals and how these fundamentals relate to their individual game. Our incorporation of golf education and physical fitness, combined with a fun, positive atmosphere helps motivate students to improve. Whether you are brand new to the game, haven’t played in years or play weekly, our PGA Instructors will work with you to help you to improve and to continue to play this great game. 
Return to Golf Program
Rehabilitation-Based Fitness with Physical Therapists
Physical therapists will work in conjunction with a PGA professional to help maximize your golf fitness, ability to play golf and, potentially, to perform activities of daily living. Our team of physical therapists have specialized knowledge in golf fitness and can help you learn warm-up drills and golf fitness exercises that can enhance your performance.
Golf at North Olmsted Golf Club
In-season, the Return to Golf participants have the option of playing at the North Olmsted Golf Club upon completion of their weekly appointment.  Other league and open-play times are available during the week, including the annual Match Play Championship. 

Return to Golf participants earn playing privileges by regularly attending weekly clinic sessions. 

Visit northolmstedgolfclub.com for more information.
"Return to Golf is the best. It's infectious. I thank those who invest their time and knowledge to help others with health problems play golf again."

             - Phil Somerville